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We feel the need to worship. This is inside us. Some call it the "religious sense". If we do feel good worshipping something, then let's make it something substantial and real. Something which really does give us something. Almost all of our energy, solar power, fossil fuels and even wind and tidal power come from the sun, directly or indirectly. We ourself are born of the stars, the material which makes up our minds, bodies and spirits were formed inside long-dead stars. We are children of the universe and, if we need to worship something, we should worship our sun and the stars. We all live on the surface of a planet orbiting the Sun. The only reason that we can survive here is because of the energy which was generated by nuclear fusion in the Sun. The Sun is life for us. What could make more sense than worshipping and giving thanks for this free energy which makes our lives possible and which sustains us every day of our lives?

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